I Have a New Job

February 17, 2019


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I was not really looking for this sort of job, but if you think about it they have hundreds of jobs at a hospital and I have one of them. Obviously they have doctors and nurses and they have a hundred different types of technicians. I am a cannularist, which means that I stick people with needles or catheters, in this case I work in the dialysis unit. It is easy work compared to working in a clinic, like I had. They have relatively few patients and the mobility aids they need are not the same issue. That is because they take them in to us in their beds. Of course when you work in a clinic the patients are usually elderly and infirmed to one degree or another. Lots of otherwise healthy people have kidney failure, but often it is a consequence of other ailments and simple old age. At any rate the ones which are in wheelchairs are considerably more work than the ones which are ambulatory.

If they are otherwise fit, then they walk in on their own and sit down, you stick them and then after three to four and a half hours you pull the needles. There are issues, but it usually is quite straightforward. If your patient is unable to move on his own, then you have to move him out of the wheelchair and back, which is not that big of a deal unless you have a lot of them one after the other. However you really notice how much easier it is when you do not have to deal with it. In fact many of the patients here are new and they have catheters, which makes it a simpler process. You have to be careful so as to avoid infections, but there is not any sticking.