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September 6, 2019


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A Guide to Laboratory Billing Systems

There are a lot of things to take care of at a busy medical lab. Your lab will be busier than a physician’s office, urgent care facility, or other treatment places. Patients needs tests and doctors will order them to the lab to take these tests and so your lab will be filled with patients throughout the day.

The staff that works in a medical lab is much different than the staff working in a doctor’s office. YOUr staff consist of professionals who take samples and analyze them and this work is very different from what the doctor’s assistants do. There is more foot traffic inside a medical lab than in a doctor’s office.

The use of computers for your medical lab operations is beneficial in organizing everything. And this is the reason why billing software designed for labs can improve your financial operations which can help you collect more payments in a faster way.

Laboratory billing systems are specialized solutions to the financial standing of a lab that provides medical testing for patients; it can also help make the job of staff faster. Laboratory billing systems are not like medical practice billing systems since they are designed uniquely for lab requirements.

The following is a summary of how the laboratory billing system works.

When patient’s in the office or when patient’s call to schedule appointments, the software can be used. With the use of the software, patient’s can determine whether they are eligible for insurance to avoid surprises in the end.

You can view all of your patient’s claims in real-time. Editing and resubmitting denied claims directly from the software is possible. There will still be profitability in your lab since it will be faster to receive revenue.

Your lab billing system has a reporting feature that can be used to report your PAMA data. Since you need to generate reports for your weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual meetings, the software can make it easy to handle all of these. Your lab billing system can easily handle accounting and sale commission data, and financial and management KPIs.

In your lab billing system, you can also find Laboratory Information Systems or LIS. A single solution is created for all of your lab data with LIS integration. Because of data conversions from existing systems, it has become possible to integrate with other systems in your facility.

When it comes to laboratory billing solutions, you either focus on billing software or billing services. You need to compare that two so that you can decide which one to commit to.

Laboratory billing software provides numerous efficiencies and improvements over paper-based and generic software solutions. Laboratory billing services are outsourcing billing services to an expert third party. There will be faster processing of claims since their staff is dedicated to lab billing.

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